Shores of Echo is the electronic ambient solo project of Daniel Trzcinski, one half of synth pop duo Bliss Nova from Toledo, Ohio.

The debut self-titled album was recorded in late fall 2020, after Trzcinski’s mid-pandemic move to Akron, then mixed and mastered by Steve Hauschildt, and released in 2021 on Magic Mood Records.

Hauschildt’s subtle touch expands the full-length’s sense of space — unsurprising, given his work as part of acclaimed experimental electronic trio Emeralds (also hailing from Northeast Ohio) as well as his immersive solo efforts put out on Kranky, Editions Mego, and Ghostly over the past decade.

Shores of Echo turned out to be both symptom of and antidote to the unmooring many experienced in lockdown: muted melodies swim below swells of reserved melancholia and tranquility, something evoked by minimal synths, pianos, and vocals — along with personal field recordings of several bodies of water — all awash with delay and reverberation.

Trzcinski’s lifelong nearness to the Great Lakes, as well as learning the likes of Chopin, Satie, and Debussy by ear in earlier years, account for the aquatic calm, whose emotive waves take listeners further out into murkier abstractions as the album progresses. While only retrospectively conceptual, it’s almost as if the album soundtracks a single day of coastal exploration on some water exoplanet orbiting another sun — alien, yet intimate.

The project also marks the expansion of Trzcinski’s artistic endeavors into audio-visual work. Securing a fellowship with Akron Soul Train in 2021, Shores of Echo A/V: Screensaver, featuring a visual component using CRT-TVs developed for the residency, has been installed twice in the gallery. Akron Beacon Journal has described it as “a painterly and expressive swath of sound [and full color] that glows, dips and undulates through the air.”

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