Bliss Nova began as a tentative side project for Daniel and Joel Trzcinski, siblings from Toledo, OH. They had been the backing band for a singer/songwriter whose health issues put the project on indefinite hiatus. Without so much as a name, the sonic direction only became clear with Daniel’s initial bedroom demos — lofi melodic pop with samples and softsynths. Adding Joel’s dynamic drumming to the mix, the songs were released as their 2015 debut EP, Do You Feel, which quickly garnered traction on indie blogs as well as chillwave-adjacent channels like Youtube’s 80s Ladies (30M+ views to date).

Lauded as “one of the top promising artists from the Midwest,” the band developed their live show — “a tapestry of ethereal electronic soundscapes set against explosive, booming rhythm” — embarked on several short-run tours, and explored new sounds in 2017 with EP Light & Shadow and double A-side “Say It” / “Now.” In 2019 their first full-length, Going Places, served up a cohesive collection of synthy grooves, simultaneously fresh and vintage, followed by their 2021 EP, Silence, a frenetic song cycle about desire.

Returning in late 2022 with “Feel So High,” the band cinches up their dreamy danceable pop for an in-the-pocket number with as much poise as passion. Ghostly artist Brijean (Toro y Moi, Poolside) contributed lush percussion and vibey vocals paired with her partner & bandmade Dougie Stu’s dialed-in bass parts.

Their latest single “Always Be Young” taps into the boundless energy of being carefree in love, knowing we don’t live forever. 

“Always Be Young” is a supremely catchy effort of blissed-out indie pop. Carried by shimmering synth textures, lo-fi production touches, and dreamy washed-out vocals, the track fits effortlessly into the lane of indie pop carved by outfits like Beach House or Toro y Moi. Yet, Bliss Nova also conjures their own sun-lit iteration on the style, one that trades in lush melancholy for pure vital joy. That element is captured perfectly in the lyrics, which find the band celebrating youth and love in a way that feels both classic and timeless一“So as long as / We’re together / We will always be young.”Under the Radar


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